WordPress Tips and Hints For Better Performance and User Experience

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Boost your WordPress Site

Among all web development platforms we have today, WordPress website development is among the simplest, fastest and most convenient tools for creating websites in just a matter of minutes. In fact, most websites you see dominating the internet space and enjoying top ranking are created on WordPress.

All you need to do is simply installing WordPress on your PC, and commence customizing it to suit your desired needs.

However, some website gurus and amateurs have failed to exploit WordPress to its full potential and have experienced several challenges which hinder them from enjoying its numerous benefits. If you are among such individuals, I have compiled several WordPress tips and hints on how to get better performance and improve the user experience. These tips will play a crucial role in boosting your internet marketing strategy effectiveness and improving your overall business growth.

WordPress Tips and Hints

1. Make your website simple and attractive

One of the major strengths of using WordPress is the level of customization it offers. And with hundreds of templates to choose from, it is so easy to get lost. Therefore, do not experiment too much when creating your user’s interface. Keep your page simple and easy to navigate through. This greatly improves your page’s user experience and one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your site.

2. Focus on Image optimization

Optimizing your WordPress images and pictures is an important aspect of boosting WordPress performance. This is mainly because these images affect your page’s loading speed as it accounts for a huge chunk of the downloaded bytes on any webpage. Below are some few tips on how you can optimize your WordPress Images.

Image Compression – since image size directly affects your page’s speeds, it is recommended to resize each image to the correct dimensions before uploading it on your website. For example, if your websites allow images that are about 600px by 500px, there is no need to upload images with larger dimensions. If that sounds like a daunting task, you can go a higher notch by installing a plug-in known as “Smush image compression and optimization”. The plug-in will help to optimize all images in your library as you upload them to the site.

Use the right image format – some of the most popular image formats we have are the JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Since each format has its own unique characteristics and benefits, it is important to choose the right image that will help boost your site’s speed.

Instead of using photos and images, you can replace them with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The CSS drastically reduce your page’s loading time.

3. Keep your site responsive and mobile friendly

From recent statistics, it shows that most only traffic comes from Smartphones. Therefore, focus on creating a WordPress website that mobile friendly and responsive to enhance its visibility on the internet space. This also ensures great user experience.

4. Utilize the power of caching plugin

Another way to improve your website’s performance is by adding a caching plugin. Without this plugin, your website will be much slower as the information from your website has to be retrieved from your database or CSS each time it is loaded. In a nutshell, your website will be similar to a static HTML and thus takes longer to load due to the multiple levels involved in communication.

But with a caching plugin, you will be able to store these HTML files. Therefore, the files can quickly load anytime someone wants to access your page. The two most recommended plugins that should never miss on any WordPress site are the “WP Super Cache” and “W3 Total Cache”. When either of the two plugins is installed and configured properly it will drastically reduce your page’s loading time and thus improve your site’s performance and user experience.

5. Get a performance-oriented host

Choosing your WordPress host may not look like a huge deal but it’s vital to settle with the right host. De facto, the greatest influencer to a website’s performance is its host. Therefore, if you are still using the basic shared hosting package, it’s the high time you need to upgrade.


This is a good start, but contact us if you would like to keep the performance of your WordPress site functioning at peak performance.

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