WordPress Dangers If You Don’t Update Your website

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You may be concerned with any potential WordPress dangers that can come with updates. WordPress is easily the most popular open-source website building software today, with around 23 percent of the world’s websites powered by this website giant. The advantage of having an open-source is that anyone can study the code, report, and suggest improvements for bugs for the core team at WordPress to fix, however not every ‘hacker’ has good intentions. It is a very small minority, but there are malicious hackers out there who want to gain control of your website.

If you don’t update your website, you may experience some WordPress dangers. This leaves you vulnerable to malicious hackers who can infiltrate your website and leave you with nothing. Not only this, but old versions of plugins can also leave you vulnerable to bad hackers. Therefore, it is important that you keep your version of WordPress updated as well as your plugins, and themes to avoid being a victim of a hacker.

Are There Any Risks With Updating WordPress?

You may have seen notifications from WordPress advising you to back up your site before performing any updates. This is more of a safety precaution than a deterrent. Although updating doesn’t cause your website to break or be erased, it is always a good idea to keep a backup of your website just in case. You don’t want to be in a situation where your company website completely crashes, and you don’t have a backup on your desktop.

Nevertheless, there is more good than bad that comes out of updating WordPress. Here are a few potential issues and WordPress dangers that can come out of ignoring website updates.

Site Visitors: Bad Customer Experience

This is related to the previous point about poor customer experience. Not only does it take longer for your website to load, by putting-off any visitors and potential customers from staying, but it also means that the user will experience the old bugs and problems that develop with older versions of plugins, themes and the software. It is crucial that you
update all aspect of your WordPress website to enable users to experience new features and bug fixes.

SEO: Load Speed and Search Engine Rankings

It can also affect your site’s load speed. The load speed is an important factor for SE0 as well as user experience. Search engine algorithms will ‘mark down’ websites that have a slow load speed, because it is a sign that the website is not well optimized. Having an older version of WordPress and plugins will be an extra load on your website, slowing its load speed down greatly. Updating frequently will help to prevent these problems.

Security: Being Hacked

There is a major risk of WordPress Security that comes with failing to update your WordPress software, plugins and themes. Hackers will look for little cracks in the system, so that they can get into your website. The older the version of WordPress is, the easier it can be to hack your website. The same goes for plugins and themes. Once the WordPress team find security vulnerabilities in the software, it quickly becomes known and the problems gets fixed, so regularly updating makes it harder for hackers to target your site.

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