WordPress 5.2 Review

WordPress 5.2 version is named “Jaco” in honor of JacoPastorius, a well-known revolutionary Jazz bassist. This WordPress version was released officially on 7, May 2019. It is currently available for updating or downloading through your WordPress dashboard. The WordPress 5.2 version was developed by about 327 volunteer contributors and as expected, it helps in identifying and fixing fatal errors and configuration issues when building or managing a site. Consequently, let’s take a look at the new and exciting WordPress 5.2 features and improvements available to its users and even developers.

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Wordpres 5.2

PHP Error Protection

If you have ever worked with WordPress, there is a high chance that you know about hite Screen of Death’. This issue or error is a nightmare to every site developer and owner. It does not allow the administrator area login. This makes it difficult for you to understand the cause of the error. For this error to be resolved, the backend needs to be accessed via FTP, or you simply ask the hosting company for support.

With the PHP Error Protection feature offered by WordPress 5.2, it becomes possible to easily and simply recover from possible fatal errors and also regain admin dashboard access. With this feature, WordPress recognizes the occurrence of a fatal error and consequently pauses the offending plugin or theme in the admin dashboard. This administrator-focused update emails a login link to the administrator of the site. Using the special link, it is possible to fix the problem even without being a tech-savvy user. The feature also eliminates the need for relying on support or troubleshooting the problem personally.

Easy Configuration Debugging

Under the tools section, there is a Site Health option from where you can access the new page labeledInfo. With this new page, it becomes possible to find helpful configuration debugging information about your site. While this information may not directly affect the core website features, they are essential for the performance and security of your website. With this feature, users having no web development experience are able to manage and fix fatal configuration problems and errors safely.
The debugging information availed can be shared with hosting providers, developers, etc. through the use of the button for copying website info to clipboard.

PHP Plugin Compatibility

It is now possible for WordPress to automatically to check or determine if the PHP version of your site is compatible with plugins installed. If the currently installed plugins require a PHP of a higher version than the one being presently used by your site, it is now possible to activate it. This plugin compatibility check is important for avoiding possible compatibility errors.

Easier Customization of Privacy Policies

There is the inclusion of a privacy page template and a conditional function. Together with the two CSS classes feature, it becomes possible now to easily and simply design and customize privacy policies.

Easier JavaScript Development

WordPress 5.2 has incorporated the addition of Babel and Webpack configurations within the @WordPress/scripts package. With this tool, developers do not have to set up and use complex build tools for writing modern JavaScript.

WP Body_Open Hook
With the introduction of this new feature, it is now possible to inject/introduce code right at the start/beginning of the body element.

PHP 5.6 Advantages

Since the minimum PHP version supported is 5.6.20, users of WordPress 5.2 are able to realize different advantages such as anonymous functions, namespaces, and many more.
There are a lot of new and exciting updates and features WordPress 5.2 has made available. It is a welcome addition that with this latest version of WordPress, white screens of death will be fewer and resolvable within a few minutes without wasting of time. What is more, with the Site Health Info section, developers are able to get the information needed right away. This translates to fewer support tickets to hosting providers and theme and plugin developers. To submit a ticket, you may even be required to provide the screen data information.

There is also more user awareness created in regards to the best practices for performance and security. Some of these practices include things like deletion of inactive plugins and themes, running the latest PHP version, etc.

In conclusion, if you encounter any troubleshoot issues when attempting to update WordPress, there are a few solutions available you can try. If the white screen of death issue is encountered, then you can fix the issue by deleting WordPress site full page cache or restarting PHP. You can also try deactivating all your plugins and then reactivating them one by one to hopefully find one requiring updating.

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