Potential WordPress Issues To Be Aware Of

wp issues and complexities

As many business owners know, WordPress can be a great tool for many reasons. It can keep the customers informed of updates, it is a blog to connect to customers in ways that can’t be done through just a business website, and it is a way to advertise the business and what it has to offer. However, WordPress issues can cause business owners to get frustrated and discouraged. Here you will see some of the WordPress issues business owners face.

It is the day and age of technology. Websites, providers, businesses, and pretty much anything that has anything to do with technology is constantly updating. Thing are constantly changing. Even if something is working just fine, there is an update or a way to make it better. This can be frustrating for business owners who use WordPress. Updates can cause glitches, changes in coding, or even having to learn how to do something else or a new way of doing something. This can mean a lot of things for businesses. Learning something new or changing a way something is done can be timely and for businesses, time is money.

More problems occur with updates when there is a glitch in the update. This can cause downtime for a businesses website. This means a loss in traffic and possibly a loss in sales depending on the glitch. Usually in times like these, customer service and technical support is so overrun with calls and emails that it can take quite a bit of time for them to respond to the issue. The more time it takes to get things straightened out, the longer the business is down and the more it loses.

When there is a new method to any part of the site this can cause WordPress issues as well. For example, if there is a new way to upload content to their blog, the business will have to take the time to reformat the content so that it aligns with the new structure. It will also have to take out additional time to learn what the new format is and if there is additional training to aligning their content with it.


Not every business owner is technologically savvy. Many are using WordPress for its simplicity. However, the further into WordPress you get, the less simple it gets. Although WordPress is a fairly simple system for blogging, it still has WordPress issues, especially for users who are not familiar with everything it takes to run a site like this.

Plugins are a major issue with new users and users who are not familiar with how they work. Plugins can be very complex but are essential to the function of their WordPress site. The complexity of plugins depends on the type of site they are trying to run and the functions they need it to run. Learning plugins is not an easy task. It can take some time to understand them and then configure them to work the way the business owner would like them to. Some business owners have even had to hire outside help to assist them with getting the site to function properly with the plugins necessary for their content.

Then there is the WordPress issue if a plugin breaks down your site. It isn’t that simple to know what plugin has caused the problem. Every plugin has to be turned off and then testing begins to determine which plugin failed. This is very time consuming and for those business owners who hired outside help, it can be costly. They will now have to hire outside help again. Not only that, but when a plugin fails, in order to fix it, the site will experience downtime. Which again can be costly. This type of issue doesn’t just happen when the site is created. There are daily updates that happen. Therefore, this type of problem can happen multiple times and there is no way to avoid it.

These are just a few of the WordPress issues that can happen to business owners. Although WordPress can be an amazing benefit for a business owner, it can also be a huge headache. It is important for the business owner to know and understand the possible WordPress issues that may arise throughout the course of their business venture and to have a plan in place to solve these issues. Training is key. There are many training videos available that can help these owners either avoid the issues (which is nearly impossible) or make a plan to solve the issue when it arises. Research will be very beneficial.

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