Importance of updating and maintaining a WordPress Site

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WordPress Maintenance is Crucial

Your online business is important to you, but this means that it is also important to your clients. It is critical that your clients have the best user experience when they visit your website. A vital component of ensuring in the future that those prospective customers that visit your website will have a good user experience is to regularly update and maintain the software version of WordPress,  and your theme and plugins.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, some site owners don’t even know whether they have a WordPress site, so they don’t even know it needs updates. If you want to keep your online business one foot forward, you must make regular updates, on your themes, plug-ins and emes, the version of WordPress, backups, security, speed and many more. Why is this important?


WordPress is one of the freest open source platforms which allows its developers to extends the platform functionality using plugins and themes that best integrate with the software. Plugins are basically used to improve the functionality of your site and each plugin you use has something different to offer. The problem is, the source code used is open source code, which has many advantages, but it is also accessible to the general public, which means it may not long before hackers find ways to explore the security vulnerabilities.

The WordPress development team provides regular security and bug fix updates, and new versions to fix any possible bug. For example, WordPress version fixed more than 46 bugs, enhancements, and other tasks. Now WordPress 5 is here. In other words, neglecting to update your WordPress sites will only expose it to the risks of being hacked. It’s not just the version that needs to be updated, but plugins, and themes.


Improving speed

A new version of WordPress comes with more abilities in terms of the performance of your site. Speed and functionality are important factors in SEO. Any improvement on them can play a huge role in reducing the bounce rate or the number of visitors who click away and can help keep your visitors on site since each component of your site is working as it should.

Statistics show that visitors expect your site to load in two seconds, or less and site that is not updated can take up to 5 seconds. 40% of visitor will leave your site if it has not loaded into three seconds, and a delay in just one second will lose you 7% of visitors. This data might be a little startling, but it shows the importance of maintaining a WordPress site and keeping everything up to date.

New features

Every major release comes with a new feature and change of software. The 4.0 version came with improved plugin installation experience, while 4.1 came with inline image editing. and the 4.2 came with better and faster plugin update features. The present WordPress version had 18 privacy fixes, and which increase the flexibility and consistency in new personal data tools. In other words, if you are using an older version, your experience will be a whole lot different than those using the latest version.


Running a WordPress site means having different 3rd party themes and plugins. Each component in these tools is built to be compatible with certain features in the WordPress version at the time of its release. Essentially, this means that when a new version of WordPress is updated, your plugin and themes may not be fully compatible and is not good for your site. Fortunately, different plugins and themes have a feature to counter this, so make sure you purchase a plugin from a reputable source but more importantly always check the compatibility. You may also need to keep regular backups.

Generally, there are many reasons why blog owners neglect updates, but the biggest fault is not to realize that a WordPress service update is required. A majority of the blog owners do not have the basic computer knowledge to locate outdated plugins and updating them. WordPress takes more than 23% of the market share, and for good reason. It is one of the best platforms, so to make sure you are protected and keep your site running to its best, it is a good idea to have a managed services hosting package with regular backup or hire someone to maintain WordPress site for you.

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