How to Improve your WordPress Site

enhance wordpress site

WordPress is a popular platform used to create personal blogs, e-commerce and various other kinds of websites with little or no technical skill and ease. With the variety of add-ons and different plugins, users are capable of improving the design and functionality of their website. However, using WordPress just as it comes isn’t enough to ensure you get all it has to offer. There are some steps and tips you need to be aware of to make sure your website takes full advantage of this amazing platform. Here are various tips that will assist you to improve your WordPress website.

1. Keep it Cluster Free

You should always ensure that your dashboard stays clean as a user of the WordPress platform. What this means is that your WordPress core should be kept up to date either by using an automatic update function or manually, comments and trackbacks should be deleted or published. Another tip in ensuring your dashboard remains cluster free is getting rid of unused or old themes as well as plugins. A clustered dashboard is much more prone to being hacked than clean websites.

2. Ensure Security

It would surprise you how often WordPress websites get hacked. Once your site is accessed by hackers, the mess they create can take you 2 or 3 days to fix. Hence, to improve your site you must ensure its security. Make certain that your website possesses an automatic backup. You can utilize the Backup Buddy plugin or get your host to watch it. Even though this will not assist your security it will definitely aid you to be able to get your site restored in the event of a hack. In case your host does not offer security tools you can use a secure plugin such as Better WP Security. These are good starts to improving your site’s security.

3. Site Speed

A second day in the load time of your WordPress site can result in approximately 7% loss in conversions. What this means is that the faster your website is, the more cash it will generate for you. Using a good host will give you a fast website. For example, a client that uses the WP Engine will have a 1 to 2 second load time range. You can also check the speed of your site using the Pingdom speed tool and anything below 2 seconds is great, over 7 seconds is cause for an alarm and you need to take action quickly.

One of the major killers of your site speed is large images. Ensure that your images are optimized before you upload them by using any plugin available for squishing images and use the Pingdom tool to locate problems on specific pages also adding a caching plugin in the event your host does not have caching would be of tremendous benefit to your site’s speed.

4. SEO Basics

There are certain SEO basics that will drastically improve your WordPress site. For example, your posts permalink needs to be relevant to your post as well as pretty and not just random numbers. For this just go to your dashboard on WordPress and then settings- Permalinks then post name. Your post URL will default become your post title. This makes it easier for Google bots to associate your page with its relevant search.

5. Content

Without a doubt, your site’s content is one of the most important aspects of your WordPress site, what you offer is what your visitors, as well as Google, sees and rewards you for. So, to improve your WordPress site, ensure you serve relevant and quality content on a consistent basis.


Improving your WordPress site is one of the most important aspects of running one, as the Internet constantly changes your site needs to develop and adjust to recent trends in order to stay relevant afloat. Following the steps above will assist you immensely in getting the improved WordPress site you’ve been wishing for.

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