Big Changes Coming with WordPress 5 with Significant Disruptions to Existing Sites

Big Changes Coming with WordPress 5 with Significant Disruptions to Existing Sites

Whether WordPress 5 will be an instant success or a slow burn after it release, upgrading to this latest version will obviously cause disruptions to your existing WordPress site. Some of the most likely disruptions are:

1. Running an uncontrolled website

You may feel completely lost when you first fire WordPress 5. The formatting controls, widget settings and plugins have all moved. The user interface has also changed significantly. These changes are likely to leave many site owners unsure on how to control their websites.


 Though the transition to multiple movable block content is a great change for the better, it will come with a learning curve for most website owners. Who will manage their sites while they learn?

2. Some of your plugins will be rendered useless
The team behind the Gutenberg editor is working hard to ensure that updating of plugins for WordPress 5 is as easy as possible, but we all know it will have a bumpy start. Some major plugins like Yoast SEO are primed and ready for WordPress 5 launch.
On the downside, not every plugin will be updated. Plugin updates take work and not every developer who would like to update their software to support WordPress 5 will have it ready on time. Site owners should be prepared for some of their plugins to not work when they install WordPress 5.
3. Site owners will be forced to change all the content on their site to the new format
WordPress 5 comes with a new editor, the Gutenberg editor, and all the content on your WordPress site have to be changed to its format. While WordPress will offer a smooth and gradual transition plan, the process will still require time, effort and cause disruptions to your website.
4. Site owners have to update their custom templates, custom themes and custom post types.
The custom templates, themes and post types you are currently using won’t work with WordPress 5. You will have to update them to start using the new Gutenberg features.
5. An update to WordPress 5 might break your site
Anyone who has ever updated WordPress knows that there is a risk of the update breaking their website. For the WordPress 5 update, the chances of breaking your site are even higher.Nobody knows exactly what will happen, until after the update happens. There is speculation that the update may break a percentage of WordPress websites and that some of them might break forever
Preparing for WordPress 5 update
Business owners should look at this as an opportunity to freshen up their sites and design a new digital strategy that utilizes customized content more. Site owners should be prepared to start creating a new version of their website for WordPress 5 as soon as it’s released. Due to the many potential issues that may arise, business owners should take this time, before the release date, to test all their recently updated website pages and plugins.

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