Blog Post Content Service

A blog offers the opportunity to add valuable content to your website that will help you engage prospective customers and have them visit your website more frequently while also providing more keywords and text to help rank your website in search engines much higher.

One of the great strengths of WordPress is that it is a blogging platform and a sophisticated content management system that every business owner should take advantage of to help grow their business. By regularly adding quality blog posts to your website you can build an audience that you can convert into customers and increase return visits. The more times a consumer comes back to your website the greater the probability of getting a sale.

The old adage for the internet remains true: Content is King. Indeed, content is more valuable than it ever was. Search Engines prefer more content and length of stay on a website by a unique visitor is a vitally important metric that Google tracks very extremely closely and uses it as prime determinant in ranking websites. If people stay on your website for a longer period of time – Google will reward your website with higher rankings. However, if visitors are on the website very briefly, Google will interpret that as your content and website is not engaging and worthwhile and will likely drop your website in its rankings.

Utilizing your blog by regularly posting lets you talk about your products, service and your business while also highlighting your contributions to your community and city. You are not limited by the amount you can blog or what you can talk about.
Not blogging regularly is a huge lost opportunity to promote your business and vastly enhance your website.

Most business owners know they should blog. It really is one of the best ways to promote your business inexpensively online. It is a true no-brainer.

We offer a solution to provide customized, unique content tailored specifically to talk about and promote your business.

We will provide and upload SEO Optimized blog posts for the fee of

Longer blog posts are better and as such, we provide for a nominal feel longer blog posts and interlinking strategies inside your website.

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